Thursday, 19 May 2011

An undated Ben Zuckerman, likely from the mid 1950's- Brown Crossed With Black.

'Brown and black, worn, woven, mixed together; as sure a fashion as was ever prophesied. Never better than when the colours are crossed, in a long-haired or boldly textured cloth.

The carved suit - A suit with new signs; a widened skirt, an inflated collar, a waist smaller than life. Made in Miron's firm ribbed worsted. Suit by Ben Zuckerman, $175, gloves by Superb, jewels from Verdura, alligator bag (a polished black for a black-crossed woollen).'

This is truly a perfect New Look suit, and the entire ensemble is what many people would picture if they think about clothing in the 1950's.

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