Tuesday, 10 May 2011

From The New Yorker magazine, September 1965- Look to Lord and Taylor.

'For the suit superb- the new and beautiful, the pace-setters, the world's superlatives, skimmed from the top of the American and European coutures for our designer suit collections.

The prize here- Ben Zuckerman's exquisitely turned out suit of the dinner-and-theatre persuasions, in Italian pink woll with gleaming blouse. 495.00.'

This must have been quite an ensemble- the buttons appear to gleam in the illustration, so the original must have been even more special.

Jessica Daves writes of Ben Zuckerman in her book 'Ready-Made Miracle'-

'The top echelon, for all their comparatively small output and the comparatively few women who can afford their clothes, in spite of the fact that their production is such a small fraction of the ready to wear industry- these makers are important to the whole scheme of fashion in the United States. They are important because they set a standard and uphold it. The wearer of the inexpensive American dress wears it with more assurance because houses like Zuckerman, Trigere and Norell exsist in America. These designers give an importanct to American fashion that permeates from the top down.'

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