Sunday, 15 May 2011

From a 1966 magazine- Ben Zuckerman- designed by Harry Shacter.

This pale coat is double breasted and has a small collar, three-quarter length sleeves and flap pockets at the hip. The model has a youthful haircut, a sign of the changing times in the mid to late 1960's.

From Jessica Daves' 'Ready-Made Miracle'-

'Each of the top manufacturing houses is headed by a character. It is no accident that the men and women who head these businesses are positive people. Ben Zuckerman, the senior member of the club, is reported to be 70 years old; some affectionate admirer say that they have been to at least three 70th birthday parties for Ben, all held in successive years in Paris during the collections. He could be almost any age; he is spare, handsome, aqueline, immaculately tailored, and when he presents the Zuckerman collection he presents it with a mixture of casual wit, drama and coziness that could have made him a stage star. He has been known, in the course of showing his models, to rip the lining from a coat, fling it out before one of the observers and remark 'This is the way Ben Zuckerman makes coats, I want you to see.' The Zuckerman showings are notable for the number of designs exposed to the buyers- 300 is about par here; few other houses are so prodigal. Ben Zuckerman is known as the 'best tailor in the business'; so people think the best in the world. His unsensational, assured suits and coats keep their recognizable line whether they are city day or city evening. Zuckerman was originally half of a firm known as Zuckerman and Kraus, dating from 1925. The firm has been Ben Zuckerman since 1950, the garments produced are distributed to every state in the union.'

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