Sunday, 24 July 2011

A very interesting undated Ben Zuckerman, likely from the mid 1950's. It features a swing coat made in either cashmere for $300 or vicuna for $500.

Cashmere is made from cashmere goats, and is well known for its high quality and softness. Vicuna is a type of wool made from the Vicuna, which is a llama-like animal found in South America. Vicuna is very costly, as the animal itself is on the threatened list, and each animal only produces 1lb of wool a year. Current prices for Vicuna range from $1800-3000 a yard. It is the finest diametre wool in the world.

The model is also wearing a Lynx hat. There are several types of Lynx, including the Canadian Lynx, Iberian Lynx and Eurasian Lynx. The Iberian Lynx is critically endangered and the Eurasian Lynx is threatened, as is the Canadian Lynx. Many of these gorgeous animals were overhunted during the period this hat was made.

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