Saturday, 16 July 2011

A late 1960's Ben Zuckerman dress. This dress was likely sold on it's own and not part of an ensemble, as the label is in the dress. Zuckerman usually only had one label in his suits or outfits, in most cases in the jacket, so if this dress had been part of a set it is very likely the label would have been in the jacket.

This dress is very late 1960's in style with its graphic print and knee length cut. While many younger ladies were wearing mini skirts at this point, Ben Zuckerman catered to a slightly older woman, and thus the length of the dress was more conservative.

This is a really well made dress, as the pattern matches across the seams in the back of the dress, a feature only seen in more expensive clothing .

It is interesting to note that by the late 1960's, fashion had become a lot more casual. Compare this Ben Zuckerman with one from the early 1950's and you will note that the earlier clothing was very tailored, and would have required significant support garments underneath to maintain the desired shape, where as this dress is much more casual, and it may not have been necessary for the wearing to have a girdle on.

Photos courtesy of Monicasvintagefashions.

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