Sunday, 27 December 2009

From the 7 May 1965 Life Magazine- She Commands a Daytime Uniform.

'Two customers stand in a fitting room entrance in almost identical coats from Ben Zuckerman. Mrs Thomas Choate at left has on a beige, and Mrs Darlington Pitney has on a navy blue. These coats, worn over a sleeveless dress, have taken the place of suits for most Jo Hughes (of DePinna- the high end boutique) girls.'

Six months previously, Zuckerman had came out against the floppy, 'unconstructed' look. He said 'I like some of the new, kooky clothes. They are cute on the young girls. But they aren't for ladies, I make only lady clothes.' His fall collection for 1964 featured coats and suits that were as slick as uniforms. They were tailored by someone who was smart enough to let the tailoring do the talking.

The models in this show were well groomed and polished. Brass buttons were shining on his jackets fronts and on the French cuffs. Waists were neatly cinched. Linens were a feature with a number of light colour wrist-length jackets over two piece dresses. Also featured were tweeds, brocades and embossed cottons.

Zuckerman prefered grey and navy blue this season, and he had white collars on a number of his suits and coats. White cotton was also used frequently, in suits and coats that were lined in bright green silk, but black was not excluded as there were a few black alpaca suits.

Over 200 outfits were shown. Zuckerman was thrilled to receive a new customer who ordered over $60, 000 worth of clothing. Another customer reported that he had sold well over $1,000,000 worth the previous year. 

In the space of about 10 years, fashion has gone 'youthful', with much less accessories (no hat for example).

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