Sunday, 20 December 2009

From the 15 March, 1964 L.A. Times.

'Sky blue over yellow textured silk is Ben Zuckerman's way with the Costume Look, where an almost-fitted coat slides over a slim princess dress.'

Zuckerman's collection, which was shown in June of the same year was a triumph. His new pastels were mauvey pink and violet, though he did have some baby blue and pink coats. Some of the highlights of his collection included the tailored wool coats with jeweled buttons over a matching dress,  a hot pink theatre suit featuring a short wool jacket over a lighter weight wool dress and the raincoats cuffed in sable or lined in snow leopard.

His 1964 collection was made up of 283 pieces, all designed by Harry Schaeter.  When Mr Zuckerman was asked which collection was his favorite of the many he has shown since 1925, he replied 'Todays'.

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