Monday, 21 December 2015

From 1967- a Ben Zuckerman suit.
This suit dates from the very tail end of Ben Zuckerman's career (his house closed the following year).
Ben Zuckerman had a conservative clientele, who wished to follow current fashion while still remaining traditional. This suit perfectly illustrates this. By 1967 fashions were all about the 'youthquake'- with short skirts and girlish fashions the norm. This suit was a younger look, the skirt knee length but it still retained a more conventional look.

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  1. I remember this time so well. My mother was employed by BZ as his house model. She wore her conservative suits still in '67, after all she was in her 50's. She couldn't be running around in mini's. In a few years, I would be working for Vogue running around NYC in hot pants, mini skirts and maxi coats. And my mother was still conservative thank god....she just always looked RIGHT. I was young, she was middle aged, it was a fun time.