Saturday, 23 May 2015

This is a lovely Ben Zuckerman ensemble of a very spring like greenish-yellow. It dates from the early 1960's, and is made up of a dress and jacket. The jacket is boxy and Chanel-like, with 4 patch pockets at the hip and bust.
The dress is very special, it is empire line with a slightly fitted waist. The zip is asymmetrical, perhaps as it would be easier to reach a zip on the side rather than the middle.
This outfit was sold at Dayton's Oval Room. This store opened in Minneapolis in1902 as Goodfellows but was quickly bought by George Dayton. It was a very successful store in it's day, with branches across the American mid-west, including in America's first indoor mall. The Oval Room was the section of the store where the finest clothing was sold, a testament to the esteem Ben Zuckerman was held in. Sadly the store is no longer in operation.
Photos courtesy of Empressofcavecreek.

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