Wednesday, 8 October 2014

An ad for Chrysler from 1956 featuring a Ben Zuckerman suit.
'Your arrival duly noted- There's a kind of 'look-who's here' when you step out of one of these handsome cars: the Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto or Chrysler. They say nice things about your taste, with their lithe lines and fine appointments. They point you out as a knowing driver- for no other cars handle as politely as these. And they deliver you anywhere looking your best- for every moment at the wheel of a Chrysler Corporation car is delightfully restful. Try one and find yourself handling the best mannered steel on the road.'
The model is wearing a grey tweed Zuckerman suit with a straight skirt and a tasselled scarf. She is perfectly accessorised with matching shoes and bag as well as gloves and umbrella.

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