Thursday, 24 July 2014

From an undated magazine, probably from the mid 1950's-
'Continuing our discussion of colour, of what-goes-with-what, here are some directions for handling the new jewel toned green (seen earlier in this issue), one way or another its going to come into many a smart woman's clothes life this winter.
With a monotone streak of Emeraude green (if its your winter coat for instance) -small amounts of black, the red and the leaf green of roses, the soft white of pearls, the merest glitter of a green jewel. The coat by Ben Zuckerman. Added, a velours and angora hat, hair hiding. A necklace by Bobley, in simulated jewels- pearls, crystals, a single emerald. $25. A calfskin bag by Jenny, $11. Calfskin shoes, $22. A silk and velvet Flowermodes rose, $4 for the three. All at Saks Fifth Avenue.'

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