Monday, 25 April 2011

Suit News: The skirt 70'' wide... or thereabouts. 'Here is the new suit skirt. Narrow at the hips; wide at the hem, where it is likely to measure a good 70'' around. Perhaps a touch more, if the wool is soft or inches less in crisp worsted. The effect, consistently, a gold mean between the not-for-everyone-narrow and the made-for-the-young exuberantly full. The fact, a new fashion. Above is the new skirt, new jacket, double buttoned right up to a high curved collar, the peplum curved up at the sides. By Ben Zuckerman, in flinty grey Juilliard worsted.' Juilliard worsted was wool manufactured by the Augustus D Juilliard Company, founded in 1874 by Augustus Juilliard. On his death in 1919 his will revealed that he had left his fortune to a number of hospitals, museums and other charitible causes, with the largest part of his fortune used to set up the music school Juilliard, which still exists today, producing the finest musicians in America.

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