Friday, 10 December 2010

This is one of the most interesting dresses I've seen. It is attibuted to Ben Zuckerman- the dress was sewn by a home seamstress from a pattern designed by Zuckerman. I believe this to be true, as there are design features that I have seen in other Ben Zuckerman outfits, particularly the decorative seam running down the front of the bodice of the dress. The dress is very well sewn and the buttons on the sleeve are the same high quality as other Ben Zuckerman outfits.
This dress was worn by Bonnie Blair, an actress from the 1940's who appeared in movies such as 'Badman's Territory', 'Riff Raff' and 'The Woman on the Beach'. Ms Blair is 94 and now lives in Florida.
Photos courtesy of Bubsieville.

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