Wednesday, 3 March 2010

From the 16 February 1958 Sunday Herald- Zuckerman Introduces Gay Colours into Spring Suits.

'Picking a Ben Zuckerman suit or coat this spring will be like picking flowers in a riotous garden. The brilliant colours of Zuckerman's loose woven, big patterned tweeds, sleek worsted or silk tweeds run from dazzling white and rich cream through to reds, corals, yellows, blues, greens, violets to French grey and black.

In suits the line is lean and narrow, without contour seaming, but cut so masterfully that the grain of the fabric moves with the figure. There is usually a line or break at the hip, often in the form of a belt or low pockets.

Jackets have many varieties- some are belted low, others are cropped short and gathered into a yoke and some hang open and boxy with flashes of the floral silk lining. Most jackets have slightly sloping shoulders and interesting necklines.

Coats seem to focus the attention near the armholes where flare or rounded-out smoothness begins, and again at the very low hipline where belts or huge pockets are placed.

The above town suit is in imported gold pique worsted. The jacket has a soft shawl collar and decorative buttons, and the skirt features welted seams.

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